For diagnosis and treatment of cancer, combining multi-disciplinary approach with modern healthcare services and state-of-the-art medical equipment and qualified team, Neolife Medical Center was put into service in 2010. For oncologic procedures, our vision is being a reference institution for national and international centers, which meet national and international standards, and the institution is certified by ISO 9001-2008 in 2011, our service quality is accredited.
Our center offers any and all diagnostic and therapeutic services with international patients from many countries of world based on its success in oncologic treatment. International Patient Services render services round the clock to organize accommodation, translation and transport services for international patients. Our team deals with each patient professionally at all points, starting with first contact and arrival to Neolife in Istanbul and extending to diagnostic and therapeutic services and flight back to home country. The success profile achieved by Istanbul Neolife model in Turkey paved the way to establishment of second Neolife Medical Center in Bucharest, Romania in 2013. A new center, also known as Neolife Vital was put into service Laşi, Romania in 2016. Those steps made us being one step closer to international targets. Our target is to sustain and improve success, service quality and patient-physician satisfaction achieved to date. Awareness studies are continued
by liaison offices established in nearby geography.


Our mission is to be an institution offering health services focused on patient satisfaction with high-level technology in diagnosis and treatment, a competent team and multi-disciplinary approach policy, especially for oncological diseases.


Our vision is to be a reference institution that provides services in several domestic and centers abroad under national and international quality standards for oncological applications.

Our Quality Policy

Neolife Medical Center offers oncology-focused health services with basic principles of customer satisfaction according to international standards. It is an institution using the national quality management system, ISO 9001-2008 effectively, continuously improving the system, protecting patients’ rights, and adopting quality objectives to all employees for their experience.