What Is Whole Body MRI?

Having started to be employed with 3 Tesla MR imaging, Whole Body MRI is used for screening the entire human anatomy and determining the tumors at early stages. This examination performed with Siemens brand Artificial Intelligence Assisted 3 Tesla MRI device that is available in our center as of 2022 lasts for 40 minutes and the entire body is scanned.

The patients are not exposed to radiation during Whole Body MRI. It has no known side effect for the human health.

While suspected regions are screened separately in classical MRI, Whole Body Screening is performed with the Artificial Intelligence Application on Artificial Intelligence Assisted 3 Tesla MRI device.

The purpose of the examination performed with Artificial Intelligence Assisted 3 Tesla MRI device is to diagnose the tumors in numerous organs before they grow or spread.

What is Whole Body MRI Check Up?

Whole Body MRI technology could not be used commonly with classical MRI devices due to the reasons such as absence of the related software and requirement of long scanning periods. Today, on the other hand, developments in Artificial Intelligence Technology and developments in 3 Tesla MRI device have eliminated these problems and Whole Body MRI has started to be used commonly.

In the light of these developments, Whole Body MRI Check Up has started to be utilized in addition to classical Check-Ups.

Who can have Whole Body MRI Check Up?

As the examination poses no side effect on human health, everyone who cares about their health can have this examination. Healthy people who have familial history of tumor or risk of tumor can also have this examination.

Who Are Not Eligible For Whole Body MRI Check Up?

MRI scans cannot be performed for claustrophobic patients, patients with metallic body implants of unknown MRI compatibility and patients with pacemaker.

 Which Organs Are Screened With A Whole-Body MRI?

On Whole body MRI scan;

Brain and Neck,

Chest, thorax, liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenal glands, other intra-abdominal organs, urinary bladder,

Prostate and testicles in males,

Cervix and ovaries for females,

Bone structures excluding arms and muscles are included in the study.

Can Whole Body MRI Check Up be repeated?

As the study does not contain radiation and has no adverse effects on human health, it can be repeated annually or whenever it is necessary.

How is Whole Body MRI Performed?

The procedure is completed after patients stay motionless in supine position in 3 Tesla MRI device, which is more spacious and wide in comparison to standard MRI devices, for 40 minutes. The procedure does not require any preparation Our patients only need 40 minutes to spare for this procedure.

Can I Obtain Detailed Information On Costs Of Whole Body MRI And Other Subjects?

You may contact us from our communication channels for information on the fees of whole body MRI, insurance costs, contracted institutions. You may contact our MRI specialists via communication channels and ask your questions if you require detailed information on the technique.

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