TrueBeam™ STX combined with Novalis® Radiosurgery

TrueBeam STx combined with Novalis Radiosurgery is a cutting-edge and latest generation radiation therapy device. TrueBeam STx combined with Novalis Radiosurgery utilizes many new techniques with its completely restructured control system for imaging, patient positioning, movement management and dynamical synchronization of treatment.

TrueBeam STX combined with Novalis Radiosurgery is designed by Varian, the pioneering company of the world in this field, as a multi-purpose platform and it can be used in all advanced radiotherapy modalities including conventional and 3D conformal radiotherapy as well as image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery (IGRT and IGRS), intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), volumetric intensity modulated arc therapy (RapidArc) and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT). Intracranial and extracranial radiosurgery methods are carried out with a precision of lower than 1 mm with this system

HDR Brachytherapy


Radiotherapy procedures can deliver radiation beams outside the body (external) or inside the body (internal). For this method, the source of radiation is placed in skin, a body cavity or a tissue of the patient. This type of therapy aims delivering the highest dose to the intended body part, while the damage to nearby tissues is minimized. As the dose moves away from the source, the dose and its effect decrease quickly. Thus, while tumor gets the maximum dose, the healthy tissue around the tumor is exposed to a very low dose. Brachytherapy is an effective treatment especially for gynecologic cancers, but it can also be used some tumors located in different body parts.


PET/CT; It is a high-level diagnostic examination used in the diagnosis, staging and evaluation of the response to treatment of cancer.

Gamma Kamera

The gamma camera converts the photons emitted from the radionuclide inside the patient into a pulse and then into a voltage signal. This signal is used to create an image of the distribution of the radionuclide.