What Is Artificial Intelligence Equipped 3 Tesla MRI?

Presentation of Artificial Intelligence MRI technology to healthcare users in 2022 caused critical changes in MRI imaging. We are now able to obtain high quality MRI images in a very short time period with Artificial Intelligence MRI technology. We are rewriting the rules of radiology with the SIEMENS 3 TESLA VIDA AI MRI device, which became operational in March 2022 under supervision of Neolife Center Radiology Unit, under management of Ümit TÜZÜN, M.D.

The most critical difference of 3 Tesla MRI device, which is a very comfortable and safe device for our patients, in comparison to other MRI devices is its ability to obtain high quality images from all regions of human body. With aims of correct diagnosis and correct treatment, 3 Tesla MRI device is the preference of physicians, who require MRI study.

How is 3 Tesla Artificial Intelligence MRI Scanned?

Artificial Intelligence 3 Tesla MRI device provides highly successful and clear images of the zones in human anatomy, that are not eligible for imaging, due to its cutting edge technology. Cutting edge technology allows obtaining high quality images in very short periods of time.

Being a perfect solution for overweight patients and patients with claustrophobia, Artificial Intelligence 3 Tesla MRI device overcame these problems with its speed and large-spacious structure. All studies of overweight patients can be performed in comfortable conditions with the MRI device in our center.

All that is required from the patients is to stay still on device’s table during the MRI study.

What are The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence 3 Tesla MRI ?

Artificial Intelligence 3 Tesla MRI device provides more correct and clear images in a short period of time. As it’s most distinctive feature in comparison to other MRI devices, Artificial Intelligence 3 Tesla MRI devices are equipped with new-generation artificial intelligence applications. Artificial Intelligence applications, which started to access all aspects of our lives on this date caused critical developments in MRI imaging and became irreplaceable tools for radiologists for making correct diagnoses. 3 Tesla MRI device in our center is equipped with all available artificial intelligence applications and rendered for the service of our physicians and patients.

Is There An Extra Fee For Artificial Intelligence Applications?

No extra fee is requested from our patients for the use of Artificial Intelligence MRI device, which became operational in our center in 2022. The fee of the principle study is solely requested. You may inquire regarding the fees of planned procedures by contacting our call center.

 What Is The Duration Of 3 Tesla MRI Scan?

The duration of examinations vary for 3 Tesla MRI device, depending on the area of study. However generally examinations are completed between 10 to 40 minutes. As the longest study, Whole Body MRI scan lasts 40 minutes. This technique is used to screen entire body of the human body with MRI device to investigate possible pathologies and cancer cells in the whole anatomic structure. You may click the link below to access detailed information on whole body MRI screening, which is started to be used as a cancer screening method nowadays.


When Are The Results For 3 Tesla MRI Study Reported?

3 Tesla MRI results are evaluated by our radiologist Ümit Tüzün, M.D.. The quickest reporting option that is beneficial for both the patient and the physician is selected in accordance with the study method.

We aim to deliver general report to the physicians and patients on the same day. All patients are informed by Ümit Tüzün, M.D. after the scan and time of delivery for the result is determined with patient-physician discussion.

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