Meet Our Expert Staff

Our medical staff, who dedicate their lives to human life and defeating cancer, is one of our greatest values. Our expert staff consists of physicians and experienced health professionals, each of whom is specialized in their own field, internationally known and caring for their patients.

Prof. Dr. Metin Güden

Radiation Oncology Specialist / Chief Physician

Uzm.Dr. Nesrin Aslan İlkmen

Nuclear Medicine Specialist

Prof. Dr. Metin Halaç

Nuclear Medicine Specialist

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öber

Radiation Oncology Specialist

Uzm.Dr. Roman İbrahimov

Radiation Oncology Specialist

Doc. Dr. Orhan Çeken

General Surgery and Surgical Oncology Specialist

Uzm. Dr. Aysen Dizman

Radiation Oncology

Uzm.Dr. Zülal Ünlüer

Radiology Specialist

Uzm.Dr. Ümit Tüzün

Radyoloji Uzmanı

Uzm.Dr. Gonca Saraç

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist