At Neolife, we have been delivering world-class compassionate clinical care for our international patients for well over a decade. With centers in Romania, Bulgaria and Istanbul, Turkey, Neolife boasts of state-of-the art oncological diagnosis and treatment technology, couple with internationally renowned medical teams.

Neolife is a purpose-built model centered around oncology because we know that a cancer diagnosis or even just the suspicion of it, can be disheartening for patients and their loved ones. With the guidance of our multidisciplinary tumor council, our patients are treated comprehensively.

Our concentrated approach to oncology, sets us apart from large scale healthcare institutions where you might feel lost. Contrary to overwhelming corridors of large scale hospitals, our teams’ medical expertise and compassion will encircle you during your treatment journey.


We believe that each one of our patients and their medical cases are unique. Hence, Neolife is focused exclusively on oncological diagnosis and treatment.

Our multidisciplinary approach supplements our state-of-the-art medical equipment, highly qualified team, openness to latest treatment protocols makes us a reference institution.

Our center offers any and all diagnostic and therapeutic services with international patients from many countries of world based on its success in oncologic treatment.

In addition to our medical teams, our International Patient Services Teams will work round the clock to organize accommodation, translation and transport services so that our patients will feel at home.

Our teams will be with you at each point of the way, starting with first contact and arrival to our centers, accomodation extending to diagnostic and therapeutic services and flight back to home country.

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    Neolife offers treatment services for almost all cancer types.
    Neolife expert staff organizes the journey of international patients according to their needs and expectations.


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    Phsycian's Review

    • We provide the plan in 24h.
    • In case we need extra details, we will contact you.

    Treatment plan

    • Treatment plan includes;
    • Treatment details
    • Treatment duration
    • Treatment price
    • Answers of your questions

    Arrival to Istanbul

    • We schedule your appointments
    • Send your travel details
    • We provide;
    • Lodging assistance
      Airport pick up
      Hotel-Clinic transfers

    Treatment Plans

    We provide our care & services aiming to achieve high levels of paitent satisfaction

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