How Targeted Therapy Works?

They cause tumors cells to die by means of stopping the reproduction mechanisms of the cells by targeting an enzyme inside a receiver or cell on them.

Some of them prevent the feeding veins of tumor from growing, some others make the growing-related receivers on the cell surface dysfunctional by closing them, and some others prevent reproduction by closing the connection paths inside cells.

Target-oriented treatments are given in either intraoral or oral ways. Now, target-oriented medicines are used in many cancer types, ranging from breast cancer, one of the most frequently seen cancer types, to skin cancer and to malign melanoma which are rare.

Together with the fact that target-oriented medicines are generally used in the advanced stages of the disease, there is also one which is used in an early phase for breast cancer, and the researches on early stage also continues.

In current situation, these medicines make cancer chronic. They can be used together with chemotherapy and increase the efficiency of chemotherapy.

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