Patients who receive anti-cancer treatment should consider cancer as a chronic disease and modify the lifestyle according to the disease. Those modifications include psychosocial changes along with presenting for follow-up visits on time, using necessary medications, having a proper diet, living in appropriate physical conditions and doing appropriate exercises.

Considering negative influences of stress on the health, one should prefer a lifestyle that is free of stress, if possible, or minimizes the stress. It is recommended to avoid persons, environments and relations that cause discomfort, participate in joyful activities and to spend quality time with beloved ones.

Scientific researches show that cancer is more common in persons with Type C personality. Characteristics of Type C personality include inability to say ‘no’ to other people, prioritizing other people’s wishes and requirements, being excessively self-sacrificing, inability to state sadness and anger because of the fear of hurting people, being excessively vulnerable and sensitive and obeying and displaying loyalty to authority figures to prevent disturbance etc.  Therefore, cancer patients with type C personality should be encouraged for expressing their emotions, thoughts, wishes and needs. They should be supported to behave “nice” to themselves at least they do for others.

Each patient experiences cancer in a unique way. Thus, questions, such as “how are you?”, “what do you need?”, asked by beloved ones and love, care, value and affection are somewhat psychological medication against cancer.

Those modifications are important to protect against diseases and to boost the quality of life.

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