In the modern medicine, committees are designed to discuss and plan treatment of complex diseases. This method increases success rate of treatments. Tumors are complex conditions that act uniquely in each patient. Therefore, Multidisciplinary Tumor Councils are assigned, which ensure that attending physicians of all departments work together to make treatment plans for patients.

What is Multidisciplinary Tumor Council?

Physicians of all relevant departments meet in the council and the condition is discussed in all aspects. When the disease is discussed in the council, optimal approach and most efficient treatment plan are determined.

What Are the Advantages of Multidisciplinary Tumor Councils?

Discussions held in councils ensure that the disease is addressed in all aspects in finest details and that success rates are maximized, since the most up-to-date literature is shared by all physicians.

Medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, general surgeons, and radiologists as well as physicians of relevant departments are assigned to the Multidisciplinary Tumor Councils of our center. Thanks to these councils, treatments of patients are maintained, while all aspects of the disease are taken into consideration and patients do not need to present to all relevant departments.

How Does Multidisciplinary Tumor Council Work?

Preliminary preparations are made for the patients who will be discussed in the council, and all relevant physicians are invited to the council. Current status of each patient is assessed and the most effective treatment plan is jointly determined by physicians based on view/information exchange, experience sharing and up-to-date information.

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